Damage Control

With 14 various flooding props installed in our 24,000 gallon wet trainer your crews will be put to the test in various aspects of controlling shipboard flooding. How does a crew member get to practice so much in one day? You heat the water, heating the water allows a sailor to at least practice the basics of controlling flooding with any of our flooding props for as long as they need in order to learn how to use a piece of equipment. If the water is cold you might get to practice one or two methods of controlling flooding then you have to get out of the water.

Our water is heated, tested for proper chlorine levels and goes through dual 1000 micron filters to ensure the water in clean.

Hands On, Hands On, Hands On training is the purpose of this course, you will receive all you can handle. Hands On training does not happen without warm water, warm water ensures your money is well spent.

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