Fire Ops 101

On Saturday September 30, 2017 WRG Fire Training Systems in Bremerton, Washington was the host site for Fire Ops 101. Nothing else gives your local officials a taste of the fire service than by experiencing Fire Ops 101. This day showed them the smoke, the sweat, the adrenaline rush and the physical stress and strain firefighters face daily, all while exposing them to the complex issues of the fire service, like staffing, adequate equipment, and presumptive health. Spending a hands on day as a first responder is one of the most effective ways for your local officials and local media to learn about the job and what firefighters face nearly every time they respond to an emergency.

Fire Ops 101 is designed to reflect an appropriate level of difficulty. We didn't want participants to walk away thinking it's an easy job, but you also don't want them to push themselves too far. It's important to strike a balance between reality of the job and the participants safety. We had 16 participants ranging from local officials to military commanders, media and a handfull of community service Representatives. All the participants experienced 5 different scenarios including how to handle Cardiac Arrest, Live structure fires, search & rescue, smoke maze obstacle, forcible ventilation, and how to properly utilize all the Personal Protective Equipment. The feedback we have received from this event has been no less than amazing. Our local officials talked about fire department issues with a whole new look in their eyes. The positive, supportive comments and actions show that doing this was a great idea and will have a long lasting effect. In conjunction with WRG hosting the site, local departments also provided the manpower and equipment to make the event successful; Departments were South Kitsap Fire & Rescue, Navy Region Fire & Emergency Services, Central Kitsap Fire & Rescue, Bremerton Fire Department, North Kitsap Fire & Rescue with approximately 70 personnel making this event a Great Experience for all those involved.

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