Shipboard Firefighting

Your fire teams training must start with the ability to deal with smoke in a confined space (mainly shipboard passageways and ladder wells) before you ever get to enter the fire space. Our shipboard firemain system with 14 fireplugs/hydrants installed inside our fire trainer passageways and out on the weather decks is one of our best training tools. You will see what it is like to open a door to a smoked filled passageway that has the fireplug/hydrant that you need in order to get ready to enter a fire space. You will have to find it, lay it out, charge it, all with very little or no visibility. Now you are ready to enter the fire space. We can do multiple fires in different fire spaces at the same time. Your fire boundary setters will know what it is like to operate a charged fire hose by themselves, cool down a bulkhead and stop the spread of fire.

Not an easy task to perform. We have a fire prop for just about any fire scenario you may need, we can run up to three at a time. We can also conduct flooding and fires at the same time. Come for basic fire fighting and fire fighting team trainer. We WILL customize our training in order to meet the needs of your crew.

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